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Outdoor School Counselor Application


Applicant:______________________________________________________Grade:______  Age _______

Were you an Outdoor Counselor before?  ____________ Are you life guard certified?  ____________


Email address:   _________________________________________

Cell Phone number:  ___________________________________________________


Strayer Middle School will be conducting its 46th annual Outdoor School Program the week of May 23-26 (Half of the kids will go May 23-May 24 and half will go May 25-26.).  We are in need of 8 male and 8 female juniors or seniors who can provide leadership and perform supervisory duties for about 25 seventh graders and 2 to aid in teaching classes and one life guard for our canoe class for each session.  If you are selected, you must be available for both days (you may not leave the camp) and be accountable for all missed classes. Counselors cannot be excused for athletic participation or any other extra-curricular activities.  Applications are due Wednesday, March 30, 2022

  Teachers:  Please indicate if you are concerned a student’s participation will put academic performance at risk.

Semester Classes                                 Teacher Signature                               Responsibility toward academics


Period 1                                                                                         not concerned         Concerned        Very concerned


Period 2                                                                                         not concerned         Concerned        Very concerned


Period 3                                                                                         not concerned         Concerned        Very concerned


Period 4                                                                                         not concerned         Concerned        Very concerned


Period 5                                                                                         not concerned         Concerned        Very concerned


Period 6                                                                                         not concerned         Concerned        Very concerned


Period7                                                                                          not concerned         Concerned        Very concerned


1.   Are you participating in a spring sport?                Yes            No        If yes, which one?  ________________________


2.  Do you want to attend (Circle one)    first half        second half      does not matter


Please explain your qualifications and reasons why you think you should be considered as an Outdoor School counselor.      You can write it below or attach a separate sheet of paper.




















Applications are due by March 30, 2022



Text Box: Strayer Middle School Outdoor School Counselor Guidelines








Counselors are expected to serve as enthusiastic leaders as well as overseers of students.  The ultimate success of the program is greatly impacted by the involvement of our counselors.  Counselors are expected to be active participants in all of each day’s activities.  They must be individuals of outstanding character functioning at a scholastic level indicating that they can miss three days of class and be responsible for making up necessary work.  Applications are due by Wed. March 30th

Responsibilities include:


  1. Being a good role model, setting a good example for students at all times.


  2. All Counselors will need to get their clearances once chosen to go, unless you already have them.The clearances are the Act 34, criminal record check, the Act 151, child abuse and the Act 114 FBI fingerprints and a TB test. The first two are free the last one has a fee.Counselors will attend a training session with Dr. Bubser prior to going to Outdoor school.


  3. You cannot attend if you clearances are not uploaded into App Garden and cleared by the district office


  4. Taking charge of a group of about twenty-five (25) students during the day.Responsibilities include:


    • qKnowing the whereabouts of all students in the class at all times.
    • qReporting discipline problems to teachers.
    • qActively participating in classes with the students.
    • qActing as an assistant to the teacher in each class
    • qMaking sure students arrive at scheduled destination on time.
  5. At night, counselors and teachers will be in charge of campsites housing students. Campsite duties will include:


  • qStaying in your assigned campsite.
  • qMaintaining quiet in campsites.
  • qReporting problems to the teacher in charge of each campsite
  • qGetting assigned students to scheduled activity on time.
  • qParticipating in evening activities or providing assistance to the teacher in charge as needed




Outdoor School Counselor Signature



What you should know about being a Strayer Middle School Outdoor Counselor:


  1. You will arrive at Strayer by 7:00 am on either Monday, May 23 OR Wednesday, May 25.We will return around 1:45 on Tuesday, May 24 OR Thursday, May 26, 2022.You will be notified ahead of time so you know which session you will attend.


  2. You are allowed to have a cell phone during the day, but it is to be used for emergencies and student needs, you are not to be on it or texting with it during the time you are with the students. I will take them away if they become a problem. No other electronics during the day at all, you can use them at night in your cabins, but if you can live without them it would be best, no one can protect your things at all times.No DVD players or things like that.You need to be active with the kids and participate in all the activities.



  3. Most of you will be placed with another high school student to be in charge of a group of 7th grade students.Attendance is the most important thing, making sure you have all of your students at all times.Any discipline issues will be handled by Mrs. Cravener, Dr. Bubser, Mr. Garger, Mr. Smith or Mrs. Kirschman as soon as you bring it to our attention.A few of you will be asked to aide a teacher in teaching a class during the day and then you will get a group of students for the evening activities.


  4. Once you have completed this form, please drop it off in the main office, as soon as possible, they will forward them to me at Strayer, or you can bring them to me at Strayer.The next step is Dr. Bubser will look over all the applications and pick the amount of students we need, those names will be sent to the staff at the high school and they have final approval.If you are chosen I will send you notice letting you know, if you do not hear from me you were not chosen.We try to take the same amount of boys and girls and we take juniors and seniors only.You can email me/ contact me at anytime with questions or concerns at [email protected] or 215-529-2325.


  5. ONCE YOU ARE CHOSEN- all clearances must be submitted through App-Garden- no one is able to go until you have all documents approved and loaded into App-Garden.

**DO NOT complete clearances until you have been chosen to go!!**


 You can find out more information about App-Garden by going to the Volunteer link on the district website-


 All Counselors will need to get their clearances and TB test once chosen to go, unless you already have them.  The clearances are the Act 34, criminal record check, the Act 151, child abuse and the Act 114 FBI fingerprints.    The first two are free the last one has a fee and the TB test has a fee as well.  You will need to have a TB test done since you will be with the kids for over 10 hours the week of ODS. If your insurance doesn't cover the cost of the TB (most do) you can get a coupon voucher from the main office to have it done at St. Luke's for $10.00. Counselors will attend a training session with Dr. Bubser prior to going to Outdoor school.


This is the information about clearances from the District website:

 Clearances Needed to Volunteer:

All volunteers are required to obtain clearances prior to volunteering. Continuing volunteers need to renew clearances once every 5 years. 

A volunteer has the affirmative obligation to notify the QCSD Human Resources Manager if they are arrested or convicted of a crime after clearances have been initially submitted.

  • Act 34: State Police Clearance (required for all volunteers)
    • Not more than 1 year old
    • Free for volunteers
    • Click on "Certification Form" to open the clearance
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test results
    • Only needed if volunteering for ten (10) or more hours per week.
      • Should you require a TB test:
        • Not more than three (3) months old prior to volunteering.
        • Once completed, the TB test is valid for as long as you continue to volunteer unless you suspect possible exposure.
        • Most health insurance companies cover this cost, however, if you need assistance, we have partnered with St. Luke's to provide this test for our volunteers at only $10.00 (paid by the volunteer). Please contact any of our school offices for details, or to pick up a voucher which can be used at any of these St. Luke's locations.

Submitting Clearances:

Paper copies of clearances will no longer be collected at the buildings. We have a web-based volunteer system to better serve our volunteers as well as help us meet federal and state requirements. The volunteer management system is called App-Garden Volunteer Tracker which you can access from any computer.

Once you have obtained all of your clearances and TB test results (if applicable) please use the link below to create an account and submit a volunteer application. You will then upload all clearances, tests and child abuse affirmation to the App-Garden.

Important: When creating your account, please chose an email address that you check frequently as all communication regarding volunteering will be through the app-garden system.

LINK to App-Garden

Child Protective Services Law - Reporting Obligations:


All employees of the District including contractors and individuals paid or unpaid who accept responsibility for a child are mandated reporters.

Mandated reporters are required by law to report in good faith any suspected child abuse under any and all circumstances. It is our stance that it is always better to over report. Individuals filing a report in good faith are immune from any civil or criminal liability.

A mandated reporter who fails to report is liable and can be charged with an offense ranging from a misdemeanor of the second degree to a felony of the third degree.

Reporting procedure - file a report with the Department of Public Welfare AND District Office.

  • When filing a report with District administration please contact an administrator in one of the following departments:
    • Superintendent
    • Assistant Superintendent
    • Human Resources
    • Pupil Services
  • When filing with the Department of Public Welfare please use the ChildLine toll-free hotline: 1-800-932-0313.

**Please note that notifying your supervisor and/or a District Administrator only, does not comply with the law, you must contact the Department of Public Welfare.**












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